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Current Situation and Review of Image Segmentation

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 1 ]


Jiaxin Wang*, Dou Xiaolei and Peter Zhou   Pages 70 - 79 ( 10 )


Background: Image segmentation is a very important problem in the field of image processing, complete and accurate image segmentation technology in many fields have extremely important applications, as described in various patents, but current segmentation methods in different applications exist great defects.

Method: This paper makes a detailed analysis of the development trend of image segmentation technology. And the methods based on the boundary segmentation, threshold segmentation, region growing segmentation, random field segmentation, neural network and wavelet calculation are introduced in detail, and the application direction and existing problems are summarized.

Results: It can be seen that the image segmentation algorithm based on wavelet transformation has a better segmentation effect, Reasonable division of different types of images.

Conclusion: Experiments have proved the application property of different methods, providing theoretical guidance for the design of a real-time, robust algorithm.


Image segmentation, image processing, boundary segmentation, neural network, wavelet calculation.


School of Computer, Henan Institute of Engineering, Zhengzhou, School of Computer, Henan Institute of Engineering, Zhengzhou, Central State University of New York, New York

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