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Research and Prospect of Multimedia Information Data Mining

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 1 ]


Yan Hou*, Huiling Guo and Nigel Nevin   Pages 25 - 33 ( 9 )


Background: In the increasingly large scale of the current multimedia information database, as described in various patents, big data technology is becoming more and more mature, and the problem of massive multimedia data mining is becoming more and more important.

Method: In order to solve these problems through the analysis of the status for multimedia data mining, the general system structure in the application of multimedia information mining technology is analyzed, and the different methods and principles of text mining, image mining, video mining, web data mining in multimedia information data mining are made detailed analysis and the advantage and disadvantages are contrasted. Through the design of different experiments, the effectiveness and inferior of different methods are verified.

Result: In the improved algorithm, the mining result of the multimedia text data based on correlation analysis is very different from the actual multimedia text data, the result is closer to the original mining image result, so this method is more practical.

Conclusion: Through the summary and discussion on the problems existed in the current method, the faced challenges of multimedia information data mining technology are pointed out, to lay the foundation for the further development of the related technology.


Multimedia information data mining, big data technology, text mining, multimedia text, image mining.


School of Computer Science and Technology, Zhoukou Normal University, ZhouKou, School of Computer Science and Technology, Zhoukou Normal University, ZhouKou, California University of Management, California

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